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Deploying Talent

Ceridian offers the knowledge, tools and support you need to optimize the deployment of your workforce. Learn how to save time by automating business processes and cut costs by leveraging critical data to reduce overstaffing and overtime — all while mitigating risk and ensuring regulatory and legislative compliance.

Dayforce HRSS webinar / demo

With Dayforce HR Self-Service, organizations will achieve increased savings, consolidated HR records and faster, more accurate processes.

Workforce Management: Technology Value Matrix – First Half 2012

Unlike traditional workforce management deployments that were all about time clocks and shaving pennies off payroll, today’s workforce management projects are about optimizing labor productivity and reducing risk. The Technology Value Matrix evaluates WFM vendors that provide functionality in three core areas: workforce scheduling, time and attendance, and leave management.

Using HR Analytics to align your Workforce & Business Strategy

HR Analytics gives you the visibility into your workforce capabilities and its impact on business operations so you can make better decisions that impact HR strategy and overall business objectives.

Workforce Analytics: Key to Aligning People to Business Strategy

In November and December 2010, Aberdeen Group surveryed nearly 450 organizations in order to determine Best-in-Class practices in Human Capital Management (HCM).

From Strategy to Shop Floor

There’s a direct correlation between a manufacturer’s scheduling process and its bottom line.Manufacturers who are able to bring the entire scheduling process into alignment with lean initiatives and overall business goals will be able to produce more goods at a better quality for a lower cost per unit.

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