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Finding Talent

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process that, if done incorrectly, can expose your business to the risks of bad hires. From not meeting your expectations to jeopardizing legislative compliance, the impact on your business can be significant. Learn how to recruit effectively and hire top quality employees that will make valuable contributions to your business.

Maximizing Millennial Talent: Practical recruiting and management strategies you can start implementing today

Young workers, especially Millennials, have different expectations of their employers than their predecessors. What worked 50 years ago – from benefits, to scheduling, to office environments – just will not cut it today. Successful recruitment and retention strategies aimed at Millennials offer significant benefits. Given the right tools and the opportunity, these younger workers are making tremendous contributions and helping their employers be better and do more.

Secrets to Securing Talent: Winning strategies for interviewing the best people

Learn from over 1,000 conducted interviews as Marjorie Persaud and Maurice Fernandes, of Ceridian Recruiting Solutions, share their proven interviewing strategies and techniques. They’ll cover what “can and can’t be asked” and identify the questions that quickly reveal a candidate’s true fit.

Hiring Manager Best Practices – Proven strategies to help you hire top performers

If you want to sharpen your knowledge and skills in the recruitment arena, be sure to read our Hiring Manager Best Practices Guide. This downloadable PDF report will give you the core foundation, principles, and best practices, along with answers to key questions like:

• What key questions should I not leave out in the interview?
• How do I ensure I keep the process legal and compliant?
• How do I tabulate results properly to select the right candidate?

Social Recruiting: Plunge into the Largest Talent Pool

Canadian businesses are investing more time and money in recruiting high quality talent – talent that’s increasingly willing to shop around in pursuit of better opportunities. But savvy organizations are finding suitable employees by diving into the largest talent pool there is – social media.

Finding The Right Recruitment Partner

As the economic downturn recedes, businesses are turning their attention toward economic renewal and the business activities necessary to make the most of the recovery—including recruitment. While many organizations reined in growth during the recession or reduced staffing, they are starting to rebuild their workforces once again.

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